What are the different video subscription options available, how much are they, and what do they include?

Single Clip – $20

A single clip is one round of the selected entry, and includes a download of the clip to your personal device.

My Horse – $75

A My Horse subscription is all the rounds of one selected entry for one selected show week, and includes downloads to your personal device of all clips taken during that show week. **NOTE: Please make sure you select the correct SHOW WEEK

Show Subscription – $199

The Show Subscription is all rounds of EACH entry in the show for the selected show week, and DOES NOT include downloads to your personal device. Users may purchase downloads for $15 more per clip.

Circuit Subscription – Price Varies by Location

The Circuit Subscription is all rounds of EACH entry for ALL shows within the selected circuit, and DOES NOT include downloads to your personal device. Users may purchase downloads for $15 more per clip. NOTE*** SOME show companies also include Live Streaming in the Circuit Subscription if that is location where this service is offered.


What is ShowGroundsLive refund policy?

ShowGrounds does not typically offer refunds for video purchases, however if you purchase a video by mistake or receive the incorrect clip please email us directly at rvs_support@showgroundslive.com.

Where can I find all of the videos I have purchased from ShowGrounds?

If you are logged into SGL, select the desired show company, and the select VIDEOS from the left hand menu. In the next screen change the dropdown to MY SUBSCRIBED VIDEOS and you will see any clips or downloads that you have purchased. *Note that this is only for the selected show company.

Why is there not live streaming at every event?

ShowGroundsLive creates custom Ride Video Services for each show company, and based on costs not all show companies elect to have live streaming.

Why is there different pricing for videos at different show companies?

ShowGrounds creates custom Ride Video Services for each show company, and sometimes that effects the pricing structure of the video services for the exhibitor.

How long will it take to get a response if I report a problem with a video?

You should receive an automatic email from the system when a ticket is created, and you can expect a response from ShowGrounds support within 24 hours of submitting the ticket.

How do I download my video?

If you have a subscription that includes a download, you can open the clip and download it to the device by opening the clip in SGL and then selecting the download button on the right hand side. The video will download to your device, you are then able to save it and share it as you wish.

Where do I go to find my video?

On ShowGroundsLive.com select “VIDEOS” on the left hand side menu, and then on the next screen you can search for your video. *Note: If you are not logged in, you will have to log in before purchasing any videos.

How do I report a problem with my video?

You can either report a video problem via email to rvs_support@showgroundslive.com directly, including the class number, trip date, and entry number , or you can select the REPORT feature on the clip itself (pictured below). If you select the latter, a dialog box will appear that prompts you to pick the problem category and it will send SGL a ticket.

Can I preview my video before I purchase it?

Yes you can! In VIDEOS once you find the clip you are looking for you can select the preview button on the left hand side.


What should I do if I see what I think is an unauthorized purchase on my credit card?

If you see a transaction on your credit card that you do not recognize or think that it’s unauthorized, please contact rvs_support@showgroundslive.com.

How long does it take for videos to be posted to SGL?

Videos are typically uploaded to our site within a few minutes, however if the network on property is slow, we may wait until after the show day has ended to upload all clips from the day.

Can I Request My Video be Removed from SGL?

At this time our policy is only to remove videos when there is an obvious injury to either horse or rider.